Electronic Design and Assembly

Biodata Ltd, Manchester, UK

Note: the Biodata printed circuit board and electronic assembly service is now called Waterfield Electronics. For details see their contract electronics website.

Our Reputation


Biodata has been designing and manufacturing in Manchester for over 20 years. We were first involved in medical electronics and now specialise in computer interfacing and data acquisition for laboratory and industry.

We also work as contractors for both local and international companies, including major work for GEC Alsthom - the world leaders in rail transport manufacture. We have a reputation for competence.


Our Services


We have the following facilities in our Production Department for your sub-contracted work.

  1. Integrated electronic and software design
  2. PCB assembly and flowsolder
  3. Procurement
  4. Computerised testing
  5. Computer controlled engraving
  6. Metalwork Shop and detail fitting
  7. Final assembly
  8. Cables and looms, wire wrapping

The Metalwork Shop is supervised by a skilled detail fitter and the Test Department by our Quality Manager, who also oversees BS EN ISO 9001. We obtained this in 1990 and consequently have rigorous antistatic procedures and work inspections.

We look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in any or all of our services. Although you may be happy with your present contractor, please consider us for either new designs or to expand production as a second source.

To discuss your requirements please email Anthony Tognarelli. For more details of our design service see our data acquisition design web site.

Biodata Ltd, 10 Stocks Street, Manchester, M8 8QG, UK.
Tel: +44 161-834 6688 Fax: +44 161-833 2190 Email: assembly@microlink.co.uk

By Jill Studholme