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The Microlink Bookshop lets you order The best books in the data acquisition, control and instrumentation fields are listed here and available from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. For more details of a book click its title.

  • Encyclopedia of Sensors
    2005, 8000 pages, Hardback.
    The first encyclopedia ever published in the field of sensors. The multivolume encyclopedia provides a complete coverage of most recent advances and emerging new sensor technologies in the fields of science, engineering and medicine. Although there are many books focused on sensors this is the first encyclopedic reference work. It is written for a wide range of audience from non-scientists to active scientists and engineers, professionals and experts working in the field of sensors.
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  • Handbook of Condition Monitoring
    Davies, A. (University of Wales, Cardiff). Thomson Science and Professional, Dec 1997, 640 Pages, Hardback.
    Documents the techniques available in condition monitoring and their use in various industrial sectors. It is aimed at students, researchers, maintenance managers and engineering professionals.
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  • Human Computer Interaction
    Jenny Preece. Addison Wesley, 1994, 824 Pages, Hardback.
    Includes interviews with many leading authorities in HCI, providing personal insight into their work and conveying the excitement of current research activity. Extremely good as an introductory text.
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  • Instrument Engineers' Handbook, Volume 1: Process Measurement
    Bela G. Liptak. Chilton Book Company, 2003, 1391 Pages, Hardback.
    The latest edition of the Instrumentation Reference Book is a comprehensive and authoritative collection of technical information, which is of direct practical value to instrumentation and control engineers as well as all instrument technicians and users. It is also an indispensable addition to any academic library for the benefit of engineering and science students.
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  • Sensors Handbook
    Peter Elgar; Hardcover - 1024 pages (February 1998) McGraw-Hill Book Company
    Offers advice on selecting and using the optimum sensor for any given application. It is the first comprehensive handbook for engineers and scientists on the use of sensors to measure size, speed, color, temperature, pressure, volume, flow-rate, orientation, and other characteristics in the management of complex processes.
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  • Sensors for Measurement and Control
    Peter Elgar; 176 pages (April 15, 1999) Addison-Wesley Pub Co
    A comprehensive and practical introduction to the increasingly important topic of sensor technology. It also serves as an extensive reference to sensors and their applications.
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