IML Toolkit Manual

May 96, IMLTK-1.01

Test and measurement engineers often want to write their own Windows applications for their specific tasks. The IML Toolkit speeds up the process, providing

The latest manual includes a new example of programming with Visual Basic. The example shows how to use dynamic data exchange to send data to an output channel. It is reproduced here.

Label1.LinkTopic = "Windmill|Data"  'DDE Service Name and Topic
Label1.LinkItem = "MyOutput"        'Name of the output channel (DDE Item)
Label1.LinkMode = 2                 '0=no link
                                    '1=warm link
                                    '2=cold link
Label1.Caption = "1.23"             'Data to be output
Label1.LinkPoke                     'Sends the output data
Label1.LinkMode = 0                 'Closes the DDE link

For a full explanation see Section 4.3 of the IML Toolkit Manual.

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