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Visual Programming Time Reduced for Test and Measurement Engineers

Biodata's new IML Tookit simplifies the programming of test, measurement, control and analysis applications.

The Toolkit provides:

The hardware set-up application, SetupIML, interrogates the hardware and builds a default set-up. This set-up can be edited by making choices from dialogue boxes; specifying ranges, units, channel names, transducer types, alarms and so on. Only settings valid to the connected hardware will be shown. Any number of files containing different system configuration details can be saved, and the set-ups can be loaded with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Two other applications, AnalogOut and DigitalOut, provide a simple, direct way of controlling output channels. The fourth application, DDE Panel, displays data from all types of channel: analogue and digital, input and output. Alarm conditions are immediately highlighted by a change in colour. It also provides an easy way to share data, in real-time, with other Windows applications supporting DDE.

The IML Toolkit handles a wide range of measurement and control hardware, from many different manufacturers, including serial instruments, GPIB (IEEE-488) devices, Ethernet devices, PC plug-in cards and industrial network devices (such as FIP instruments).

The DLLs extend the capabilities of the programming language you are using, by linking to routines accessing measurement and control hardware. They let you configure the hardware by loading a new set-up file, take a reading from an input channel, write a value to an output channel and collect data at high speed from all enabled input channels.

Test and Measurement Engineers can now concentrate on their specific tasks without the need to program hardware set-ups, or display and control functions. The IML Toolkit applications are a sub-set of the established Windmill software suite. The Toolkit costs 195 (290 Euros).

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