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High Speed USB Unit for Waveform Capture

Microlink 770 USB Unit

The Microlink 770 unit plugs into the computer's USB port and provides 16 differential inputs. You can use it to monitor temperature, strain, voltage or current signals. It is supplied with Windmill and Streamer software, which run under Windows 8 and earlier. With Streamer the 770 captures data at up to 100 kHz and has many triggering options.


Powerful, Easy-to-Use, Fast

There are three steps to data acquisition and control.

  1. Plug the 770 into your computer's USB port.
  2. Connect your sensors and signals to the Microlink.
  3. Load the Windmill software and you're ready to start capturing data.

The combination of the elegant design of the Microlink 770, the ease of use of the universal serial bus and the exceptional Windmill software for Windows ensures a simple yet powerful system.

Ideal for Portable Applications

The compact Microlink 770 system is ideal for portable applications, such as collecting data from moving vehicles. Other applications include crash testing, product testing and dynamic strain measurement.

Temperature, Strain, Pressure and Current

Depending on your transducers, you might need extra hardware units to make your connections. For example, for thermocouples you will need a Microlink 593 box which provides cold junction measurement. (When monitoring thermocouples it is essential that the system knows the temperature of one of the thermocouple junctions. Housing this junction in the Microlink 593 isothermal box keeps the temperature constant, and a cold junction sensor in the box tells the system the temperature. You connect the thermocouple wires to screw terminals in the 593 isothermal box, and connect the terminals to the Microlink 770 unit with a ribbon cable. The 593 also detects broken thermocouple leads for you.)

For strain you would use a Microlink 594, which enables the 770 USB unit to monitor strain gauge bridges and balanced bridges such as pressure transducers. With the 594 unit you can configure individual channels to accept any of these inputs:

For current measurement choose the 590-8A Current Connection Box.


The latest version of Streamer is supplied with the Microlink 770. This modular suite offers data logging, charting, and direct links to other applications like Excel. Alternatively, for lower speed applications, you can choose the Windmill data acquisition software suite which is also included.

Data Analysis

You can save data in several file formats, including ASCII, FAMOS and binary. ASCII files can be loaded into a wide range of software. FAMOS format is optimised for the FAMOS waveform analysis package. Binary is the most compact format.


The Microlink 770 package starts at 895 pounds. To purchase over the internet visit Windmill Software's data acquisition catalogue.

If you would prefer to buy off-line from us, please fill in our quote form. Please give as many details as possible about your application: including the number and type of transducers to be monitored. You can also use the quote form simply to ask our advice about your project.

Hardware Specifications

Dimensions (mm)          180 x 120 x 40
Maximum length of cable  5 m
  Maximum distance from PC can be increased by 
  use of USB hubs
Differential inputs       16
Maximum safe input voltage:
  Power supply on         ±35 V
  Power supply off        ±20 V
Voltage Ranges            ±10 V, ±1 V, ±0.1 V
Common mode range         ±10 V
Resolution A-D converter  16 bits
Throughput                100 000 samples per second
Maximum linearity error   ±0.02%
External Clock and Trigger Connections:
  Compatibility           TTL, 5 V CMOS
  Safe input voltage      0-5 V
  Trigger output          5 V during sampling
  Clock pulse width       1 usec
  Trigger pulse width     1 usec
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