Biodata's Design Modification Service

We are sometimes asked to modify our hardware so it does exactly what our customers want. Here are some of our recent customised solutions.

Analogue Signal Conditioning Solutions

Crash Testing: Filters to SAE J211 Specification

Britax-Excelsior needed a set of anti-alias filters, for accelerometer signal conditioning, that complied with the requirements of SAE J211. We provided these as part of a complete system for monitoring the crash test sled and production of a printed report. Additional custom work included production of front panels engraved with the appropriate signal input labels.

Voltage Pre-Scalar Circuit

The National Physical Laboratory needed to adjust the gain and offset on the output of microwave detectors for use in system calibration. We produced a special pre-scaling circuit to do the job.

kWh Meter Interface

The Consumer Research Association wanted to monitor the power consumption of domestic appliances. Our specially designed kWh Meter Interface produces conditioned pulses from a photo-electric detector placed in a domestic kWh meter. These pulses go into a Microlink 3020 counter module and the power consumption is determined.

RPM Measurement

Schwitzer US wanted to monitor Scanamatic and reluctance transducers. We built a conditioning circuit to give 1 V per 1000 rpm. The outputs from these circuits are fed straight into a Microlink 3050 voltage input module.

Counting Solutions

Tape Length Counters

Fisco, a company that manufactures measuring tapes, wanted to increase the accuracy of printing on the tape. We provided a frequency adjustment unit. This monitors the frequency of measurement marks and adjusts the speed of the tape production machine to accurately space the marks.

Counting 110 VAC Pulses

JBR Recovery needed to count on-off pulses from industrial equipment running from 110 VAC. We had to make these pulses compatible with the inputs of our Microlink 1520 counting module, and so we fitted appropriate signal conditioners to a DIN rail mounted connection unit.

Print Position Monitoring

As part of its quality control, Tetrapak (Sweden) wanted to monitor the position of printing on its cartons. Their printing machine rotates, printing two cartons per revolution. A new carton is therefore printed every half cycle. The print position is determined by timing pulses occurring before the start of printing, and it's important to know which half cycle the print position refers to.

Two counters on a Microlink 3020 module were modified to use a gate relating to the machine half cycle i.e. low on one half cycle, high on the other. The gate means that one counter will only count when the gate is high, and the other when the gate is low. A counter will only supply its total when the gate prevents counting. It returns zero at other times and resets itself to zero when the total is latched for reading. A simple Visual Basic program continuously monitors the counters, discarding all zero readings. The print position readings are saved in a Microsoft Excel compatible file.

Control Solutions

Power Supply Unit Control

Ceram Research needed AC heating power. We designed a thyristor control unit for a 40V/5A power supply which was used in conjunction with a Microlink to monitor the rms voltage and current.

Reed Relay Multiplexer

The University of Leeds wanted to multiplex low-voltage inputs into a digital voltmeter as part of a measuring system. We combined a Microlink 3010 digital i/o module and a 3055B relay multiplexer module to produce a 16 channel reed relay multiplexer.

Housings and Additional Power Supply Solutions

Special Anti-Vibration Box

Komat'su wanted to collect strain gauge data while driving a vehicle over very rough terrain. A Microlink 3200 frame was enhanced to stop vibration loosening components, and was mounted inside an anti-vibration and weather-proof box.

Transducer Excitation Power Supplies

We've produced a variety of transducer power supplies including:

Boxes and Connection Panels

We've also produced a variety of protective housings and connection panels, including:

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