GPIB Adaptor

Microlink 2002

The Microlink 2002 card links personal computers to the IEEE-488 standard bus. The IEEE-488 standard is also known as the General Purpose Interface Bus, GPIB, and the Hewlett Packard Interface Bus, HPIB. It is a widely used connection system for test equipment and laboratory instruments. The GPIB card lets your computer act as the controller for a system consisting of up to 15 instruments.

With the GPIB card in your computer your programs can not only communicate with our Microlink hardware, but can also send out control messages and obtain data from digital voltmeters, data loggers, programmable power supplies, logic analysers, function generators, graph plotters, printers and many other IEEE-488 devices.


The Microlink 2002 card fits into any free expansion slot in your computer. It has a standard IEEE-488 connector on the rear panel. When possible, the card uses Direct Memory Access, DMA, to transfer data from the IEEE-488 bus straight into the computer's memory at very high speed. The DMA channel and interrupt lines are disconnected by the software when not in use.


We supply a software driver to control the card and a range of software to let you develop programs of your own using the IEEE-488 bus. The program TEST488 is included to test system set-ups and instrument checking. A range of interface software modules is provided for the extensive list of high level programming languages supported, including several versions of BASIC and C.

All details of driving the interface hardware are handled by the Installable Device Driver - a module of machine code which is simply added to your DOS operating system. This makes the GPIB available to programs via standard DOS functions, in a similar way to the keyboard, screen and printer port.

You can also use the Windmill, Streamer and WaveCap applications with Microlink instruments connected over GPIB.

Prices and Ordering

The Microlink 2002 GPIB adaptor costs 415 British pounds, including driver software, example programs and interfaces to popular programming languages. You will also need a GPIB lead. For a full price list please contact Biodata. To place an order e-mail [email protected].

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