Products: Unattended Remote Monitoring Systems

Our unattended monitoring systems are versatile, expandable and, above all, reliable.


Sensors, Instruments and Networks

Network Diagram

Using Ethernet we can connect larger numbers of sensors to each node. Our extremely versatile Ethernet instruments provide an array of monitoring and control options, including analogue and digital I/O, counters and frequency measurement. Our Ethernet system also offers high speed (up to 1 MHz) fault recording

To supplement automatic data acquisition, our innovative Question Pad lets you enter information on-site, using a structured questionnaire running on a palmtop computer.

The system can relay data over the telephone and we can also integrate hardware connected to Modbus, RS232 and TCP/IP (the Internet).

Typical Applications

Energy Management
Maintain records for long term analysis of energy use.
Equipment Service Scheduling
Use logged parameters to predict which machines need servicing.
Fault Recording
Trigger recorders around a site when faults occur, and automatically re-arm the recorders.
Remote Monitoring
Use modem links to access data logged at unmanned sites, with immediate notification of alarm conditions.

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