Microlink Post-Sales Service

Biodata is committed to offering continuous, long term, support to its entire Microlink range of products. This commitment is demonstrated in our free, lifetime, technical support service; in our guarantee; and in the various levels of post-sales service which we offer to our customers. Re-calibration services, extended warranties and the retention of critical system components in bonded stock are all available. This gives customers continuous assurance that their system maintains its quoted accuracy levels and can be quickly restored to a fully operational condition in the event of any component failure. These services are described in more detail in the following sections.

All Microlink hardware is supplied with a 12-month parts and labour warranty.

Re-Calibration Service

Many of our customers have a requirement to certify the accuracy of measurements taken using Microlink equipment. This requirement is often imposed by the rigours of the IS0 9000 Quality Assurance standards. Biodata offers a re-calibration service for all its systems. This is normally conducted on a return-to-factory basis but can be offered on-site at the customer's request. It is normally issued after each re-calibration and is valid for one year. All re-calibration work is undertaken with instruments that are directly traceable to National Standards.

Extended Warranty

Customers often seek the reassurance that can be offered from an extended warranty. Holders of Extended Warranty Agreements are guaranteed priority treatment in the event of any equipment failure. Additional benefits include the scheduling of maintenance costs and reduced cost in comparison to on-site services. An Extended Warranty Agreement is normally valid for one year. The cost of an Extended Warranty is 10 percent of the hardware purchase price of your Microlink system.

Retention of Bonded Stock

Some customers insist on having the fastest possible response after experiencing equipment failures. This ensures that down-time is kept to an absolute minimum. To this end, we can offer a bonded stock service. Subscribing customers have spares of all their system's critical modules held in bonded stock at our Manchester factory. These modules are held throughout the duration of the agreement and will be available ex-stock whenever a customer needs a replacement board for their system. After receipt of any item from bonded stock the customer returns the faulty module to Biodata who repair and re-test it prior to storage in bonded stock. The continuity of this service is thus maintained for future use. Identification of critical components in any system is undertaken jointly between Biodata and each individual customer. This may involve just one type of each module used in a system or, for the highest level of service, a complete duplicate of the entire system. The bonded stock service costs 25% of the list price of all the components held in reserve for each system.

Please contact the Sales Office at Biodata if you would like more information on any of the services outlined above.

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