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Data Analysis Software is even more Powerful

A major new version of FAMOS, the data analysis software, is now available from Biodata. Running under Microsoft Windows it has over 100 new features and functions, making it even more powerful. These include:

FAMOS is ideal for analysing waveforms that have been collected at high speed (perhaps by Windows software like Streamer or Wavedisk). Data files can be in binary, ASCII or FAMOS format. FAMOS's macro capability is invaluable to scientists and engineers automating analysis of test data.

Some of the Functions Available in FAMOS

Link to FAMOS screen showing function buttons and waveformsFAMOS functions are conveniently grouped in sets of buttons. All commands, constants and pre-defined constants can be assigned to the function buttons. Here are some of FAMOS's functions.

Link to FAMOS screen showing FFT analysisThe new version of FAMOS costs �1675 (2510 Euros).

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