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Accurate People Counting System

Video Turnstile People Counting Unit

Biodata's Video Turnstile system accurately counts people entering and leaving retail outlets, galleries, nightclubs, shopping centres, and so on. A CCTV camera tracks visitors which a compact Video Turnstile unit then detects, counts and logs. Counts are regularly downloaded to a PC running Windows software. This may be in a back office, somewhere on a network, or at a remote location communicating by modem.



The VT Collect program reads the footfall or people counts from the Video Turnstile Logger and saves them in a text file on the PC. VT Collect runs at regular intervals, such as once a day.

The count data is saved in a text file which you can analyse with almost any third-party Windows software, such as the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The information can be automatically sent to Excel (for example) in real-time, so you can immediately analyse data and produce reports.

Also included is software to display live counts.

Reporting Software

The Video Turnstile system does not tie you to any one reporting package: you are free to use whichever software suits you best, for example Microsoft Excel.


A single-entrance Video Turnstile system starts at £535.

More Information

For more on video people counting please see our new Retail Sensing website. Alternatively contact Biodata Ltd at at the address below.


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