Hardware Supported by Windmill and IML Tools Software

You can use Windmill and the IML Toolkit with Biodata's Microlink 700, 800 and 3000 Series. You can also use the software with many other types of hardware from many different manufacturers.

With the addition of the Windmill COMIML serial driver you can collect data from most instruments that have an RS232, RS422, RS485 or Modbus connection. Examples include balances, bar code readers, chemical analysers, chromatographs, controllers, digital multimeters, data loggers, medical monitors, pollution monitors, weather stations, programmable logic controllers, chart recorders and temperature controllers from manufacturers such as BDH, Bruël & Kjær, Control Techniques, Datel, Eurotherm, Mettler, Sartorius and Siemens.

The Windmill Harvester program lets you gather data from any software that can act as a DDE Server. This includes LonWorks or FIP network monitors, spreadsheets, data entry software, Visual Basic programs and Datascan Technology's Dalite.


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