Microlink 3000: Modular Measurement and Control

Microlink 3800 - Four pH Inputs

The Microlink 3000 system comprises a frame of modules each dedicated to a specific task: voltage input, counting, output control, etc. The 3800 module is dedicated to pH measurement.

pH electrodes have a very high input impedance and so you cannot connect them directly to the Microlink 3050 analogue input module. Instead connect them to the BNC sockets on the Microlink 3800, which are input protected. The 4 amplifiers on the 3800 convert the pH signals to a level acceptable by the Microlink 3050 analogue input module, so you can simply connect the 3800 to the 3050 by a ribbon cable. You can thus take pH measurements alongside, for example, temperature measurements.

pH electrode with BNC connector
pH electrode with BNC connector

As pH readings change relatively slowly we recommend the 3044 or 3045 analogue-to-digital converters. These are integrating converters with sample rates of up to 12.5 or 40 samples per second.

Module width:       2  
Used with:          Microlink 3050 module
Number of channels: 4

Software Support

You can control the Microlink 3000 with Windmill, SCAN1000 or Excel software. The serial Microlinks (those that communicate over RS232 or RS485) can be OPC-enabled. With the addition of their OPC-server software you can use them with any OPC client software such as Hexatec's Saturn SCADA software and National Instruments' LabVIEW. Another option is to program the Microlink yourself: ask for our programming manuals and example programs.

More Information

For more information about monitoring pH see our pH notes. We also have an article on trouble-shooting pH measurement systems. Other questions, just ask.


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