Microlink 3000: Modular Measurement and Control

Microlink 3000 is a modular system for measurement and control. It offers unrivalled hardware flexibility, allowing almost any instrument or transducer to be connected to a personal computer. With a range of over 40 interchangeable modules, Microlink is equally suited to high or low speed data acquisition and to control, timing or counting.

Microlink 3000 Frames

Microlink 3000 Frame full of modules

Microlink 3000 consists of a frame holding a number of modules. The frame is controlled by a control card. This plugs into the frame and gives local intelligence. The frames are available in 4 sizes to accommodate different numbers of modules. All frames have a power supply that is capable of supplying a frame-full of the most power-hungry modules. The power supply for all frames is selected by external switches as 110 or 230 V and 50 or 60 Hz. Battery powered frames are available for in-field studies or mobile applications - for example in moving vehicles.

USB, RS232, RS485 and Ethernet Communications

The communication link between the computer and the Microlink can be USB, RS232, RS485 or NetBIOS. NetBIOS usually means Ethernet, but is also supported by Token Ring and ARCnet networks. The communication method, or methods, available are determined by the control card.

Choice of Modules

Choice of Software

You can control the Microlink 3000 with Windmill, Streamer, SCAN1000 or Excel software. The serial Microlinks - those that communicate over RS232 or RS485 - can be OPC servers. This means that they can be used with any OPC-compatible software such as Hexatec's Saturn SCADA software and National Instruments' LabVIEW. Another option is to program the Microlink yourself: ask for our programming manuals and example programs.

Free Catalogue

For more details on the Microlink 3000 system send for a free catalogue or contact [email protected].

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