Microlink 3000: Modular Measurement and Control

Microlink 301x - Digital Input and Output Modules

Microlink 3000 is a modular system for measurement and control. The 301x range of modules provide digital input to the computer and output control by the computer. It features both logic level TTL and 5 V CMOS inputs and outputs, and also switching functions through relays and transistors. The range comprises 6 modules. Each module has 2 versions, one having light-emitting diodes to show the state of the input or output lines. Labels for the LEDs can be engraved on a blank panel.

There are 6 modules in the 301x range

Microlink 3000 Frame

The modules plug into a Microlink frame.

3010 - 32 Digital Input and Output Lines

The 3010 provides 32 general purpose input and output lines, arranged as 4 ports of 8 lines. Each port can be either an input or an output port. The outputs can drive up to 15 LSTTL loads (6 mA). At power-up all lines are configured as inputs.

Handshaking Capability
The 3010 has 4 auxiliary input lines. These normally provide a valid data line associated with each of the ports. They are contact closure compatible.

3011 - 4 Heavy Duty Relays

The 3011 module provides 4 independent change-over power relays, each with a 0.1 uF + 100 ohm suppression network.

When you use power relays for switching significant loads, note that the contact ratings quote non-reactive loads. This is because inductive or capacitive loads produce current and voltage spikes when they are switched which may be many times the steady state load. If the load to be switched is highly inductive or capacitive, then either the rating of the relay should be much reduced, or measures should be taken to limit the size of the switching transients by addition of further diodes and so on. At power-up all relays are open.

Operating time  8 msec
Release time    2.5 msec
Contact rating  10 A at 30 V DC or 230 V AC

3012 - 8 Change-Over Relays

The 3012 provides 8 independent change-over reed relays. At power-up the relays are in the normally closed position. The relays have a contract resistance of 0.15 Ohm and an insulation resistance coil to contact of 10 000 MOhm. Reed relays are commonly used as signal switches or control switches.

Operating time  1 msec
Release time    1 msec
Contact rating  at 200 V DC 3 W non-reactive

3013 - 16 Isolated Digital Inputs

The 3013 provides 16 isolated digital input lines. The inputs will switch TTL to 24 volts and require an input current of 5 mA. The module provides 240 V AC isolation between inputs and the system.

3014 - 16 Isolated Digital Outputs

The 3014 provides 16 isolated digital output lines. The outputs will sink 1.5 mA and switch 30 V. The module provides 240 V AC isolation between outputs and the system.

3015 - 4 Video Relays

The 3015 provides 4 independent coaxial relays suitable for switching video signals of up to 450 MHz. The front panel has BNC sockets for normally open, normally closed and pole for each relay. The characteristic impedance of the socket is 50 Ohm and the maximum working voltage is 250 V at 50 Hz.

Operating time  20 msec
Release time    8 msec
Contact rating  1 A at 250 V AC

Software Support

You can control the Microlink 3000 with Windmill, Streamer, SCAN1000 or Excel software. The serial Microlinks (those that communicate over RS232 or RS485) can be OPC-enabled. With the addition of their OPC-server software you can use them with any OPC client software such as Hexatec's Saturn SCADA software and National Instruments' LabVIEW. Another option is to program the Microlink yourself: ask for our programming manuals and example programs.

More Information

For more details on the Microlink 3000 system:

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