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IML Tools

Save time creating test, measurement, control and analysis applications with the IML Tools.

The IML Tools extend the capabilities of your spreadsheet, database or programming language. Amongst other things they let you quickly configure the hardware, take a reading from an input channel and write a value to an output channel. They do this by providing methods (functions) you can include in your macros and programs.

You can use the Tools directly from Windows applications like Excel or Access, from JavaScript code running on a web page or when programming in Visual Basic or other languages.

You can develop many different applications without worrying about the data acquisition tasks. You can also re-use your applications with different instruments and devices.

Supports Microlink 700, 800 and 3000

The 32-bit IML Tools support the the Microlink 700 USB units, and the Microlink 3000 devices (Ethernet, GPIB, RS232 and RS485). They use the Windmill drivers.

Also included with Windmill are 32-bit applications for easy dynamic data exchange (DDE Panel), for controlling and switching outputs (AnalogOut and DigitalOut), for logging data (Logger) and for displaying trend charts (Chart).

Active X

IML Tools comprise an ActiveX control. This technology was developed by Microsoft and lets you re-use code in many applications.

Using IML Tools with Visual Basic

Once you've installed the Tools, you can access them from your VB5 (or later) project. From the Projects menu select Components and check the IMLControl box. You can then place the control on your form and use its methods and properties in your code.

Using IML Tools with Other Programming Languages

If your developer tool can integrate Active X controls, you can use IML Tools in your applications.


The IML Tools, with Windmill Version 6, cost 315 pounds. If you already have Windmill 6 they cost 195 pounds. To order you can either contact Biodata or buy on-line from Windmill's catalogue.

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