Products: Microlink 826 for Efficient Energy Management and Conservation

The Microlink 826 logs data from utility meters - sending the consumption readings to a central PC running Windows. It lets you monitor demand in real-time and identify patterns of use of electricity, gas, water, etc.


Ordering and Prices

To order a Microlink 826 system, or to discuss your requirements, please contact us at Biodata Ltd, 10 Stocks Street, Manchester, M8 8QG, UK, Tel: +44 (0)161 834 6688, Fax: +44 (0)161 833 2190, E-mail:

Systems start at 395. This includes one Microlink 826 logger, a power supply, an RS232-RS485 adaptor, an RS232 lead and the Windmill data acquisition and control software suite for real-time logging, charting and alarm indication. Additional Microlink loggers cost 195. Significant quantity discounts available. We design and build all the Microlink hardware and are happy to customise systems to your specifications. Contact us at the Sales Office,, for more details.



energy management with Excel
Data can be sent to software like Excel in real-time, for analysis and report generation. Alternatively you can use the Windmill logging, charting and display software.


  • 8 Counters per unit monitor contact-closure pulses
  • Maximum number of Microlinks per COM port = 29
  • Maximum count = 224 (16 777 216)
  • External power supply supplied = 9-24 V DC (sufficient for 29 Microlinks)
  • Microlinks connected to the PC over RS485 cables
  • Optionally, instead of RS485 connection an RS232 connection lets the Microlinks communicate with a modem
  • Utility meters connected to the Microlink using telephone cables
  • Battery backed: can operate without power for over 10 days
  • Memory size = 256 epochs from each input. For example, if you were logging usage per hour, the memory would hold data from the last 256 hours
  • User decides on and off time before a count is logged, in 10 millisecond steps
energy management conservation

The Microlink 826 board before
it is housed in a dual-gang electricity
socket box. For an enlargement
click the picture.

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