Microlink Wire Proving Systems: Functional Testing of Electrical Operation for Modern Transport Systems


  1. Fast scan shortens tesing time
  2. Checks all inputs at each stage - no hidden faults
  3. Expandable from 384 i/o points through to 8192 i/o points
  4. No need for PLC programming to create your tests - simple form entry defines each stage.


  1. PC-based system for low cost and small size. Test results can be recorded in Microsoft Office applications, for easy report generation.
  2. GPIB connections give high-speed and reliable data communications.
  3. Systems available in rack mount or desk consoles.
  4. Incorporate one or more Microlink WP384 (384 point unit) in a 19" rack system.
  5. Connect one or more Microlink WP1024 (1024 point) consoles for high i/o test systems
  6. Test database links to drawing and circuit diagrams for easier fault finding and rectification.
  7. Ability to restart the test at different stages after fault rectification


  1. Power supply provided to match the power required by the unit under test.
  2. Additional database of test results with unit indentification, test personnel, etc.
  3. Biometric identification (eg signature) of tester for traceability requirements.

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