Application Stories: Environmental Monitoring

Weather Screens Help Fire Fighters

A fire station in the Netherlands uses a Biodata system to keep them constantly updated of weather conditions. Large screens show wind speed and direction, air and ground temperature, pressure and humidity. When a fire alarm is raised the fire fighters immediately get a print-out of the screen. They take this with them in the fire appliance and use it to help them decide the best way to fight that particular fire.

Microlink 551 cardThe system incorporates a Microlink 551 multi-function card (now superceded by the 751 USB unit) and Windmill software.

The 551 card collects the wind, temperature, pressure and humidity data through its voltage inputs. One of its counters records the total rainfall for each 24 hour period.

The Windmill software displays all the data simply and clearly, which is important in emergency situations. The data is available on Network DDE. This means that several weather screens can be displayed around the fire station.

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